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Journal Word: Skripsi S1 Business Administration Oleh Muhammad Irfan (Business Plan)

Word: Skripsi S1 Business Administration Oleh Muhammad Irfan (Business Plan)

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Word: Skripsi S1 Business Administration Oleh Muhammad Irfan (Business Plan)




1.1 Name and Address of the business

Name               : PT. Nuansa Farmindo

Website           : (temporary)

Address           : Lampenerut, Aceh Besar, Aceh, Indonesia

1.2 Name and Address of Principal

Name               : Muhammad Irfan

Address            : Jl. Sultan Malikussaleh, Lr Anggrek, Lhong Raya, Kec Banda Raya, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia

1.3 Nature of Business

Farming, Chicken Eggs, Livestock

 1.4 Statement of Financial Method

PT. Nuansa Farmindo initial financial requested is IDR 750,000,000, IDR 500,000,000 from Ower cash and IDR 250,000,000 from investor. This cost will cover every company need for starting the business and cash on hand.

1.5 Statement of Confidentially Report

This document and the information in it are provided in confidence, for the sole purpose of thesis requirements, and may not be disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose without the express written permission of the principal mentioned above.






2.1     Product Description

Nowadays when people began to realize the importance of nutrition in the foods that must be met. One of the factors that most in the note by the public is the protein needs can be met by vegetable protein or animal protein. Thus, the need for protein is increasing every year, especially animal protein. One of the cheapest and affordable animal protein is the eggs. Eggs are one of the products who has a protein needed by the human body.

Eggs can be the best food for breakfast, especially if it is to replace foods that are almost instantaneous. Changing a habit of breakfast foods such as instant noodles, fried rice, or bread with egg can make us become better health. Actually cultivate the egg is not very time consuming, so it is also good for people who have limited time in the morning. There are many benefits of eggs if entered into your breakfast menu, one of which is because it can withstand satiety become longer. Protein in eggs are known to make fuller stomach, when compared to the protein in wheat. An egg already provides complete nutrition to live our daytime activities, which provide calories, protein, fat, and cholesterol. Do not think all that cholesterol is not good for our health. Cholesterol in eggs is a good type of cholesterol, which is necessary for the body.

Therefore, with increasing demand for eggs which were not offset by the supply of eggs. In Aceh, the demand for chicken eggs by the consumer up to 1 million eggs per day that cannot be met by local chicken farmers so as to make the government had to import eggs from Medan. Only able to supply local breeder chicken eggs by 30% and the remaining 70% is imported from outside Aceh. (Liputan Aceh, 2015)

With issues imbalance between supply and demand, PT. Nuansa Farmindo present to cover the shortage supply of chicken eggs as a form to help the government of Aceh.

Therefore, PT. Nuansa Farmindo is committed to meet the nutritional needs of the people of Aceh by providing protein chicken egg product which is one of the animal protein. With sufficient resources, company will continue to grow rapidly to reach 1 million eggs in order to meet consumer demand in particular areas of Aceh.

2.2     Vision and Mission Statement

2.2.1    Vision

To be a leading and trusted provider of affordable protein food products in Aceh.

2.2.2    Mission

Produce and sell chicken eggs that have high quality and innovate.

2.2.3    Logo and Brand description

            Along summited name of business, the company also has created logo as branding image.

Figure 2.1 PT. Nuansa Farmindo Logo